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Features :3

Journal Entry: Wed Feb 1, 2012, 9:52 AM

Life is a little stressful at the moment, for I'm currently in the middle of a job hunt and am trying to kick myself into it with more aggression. It just takes courage and work to try find out all the hidden jobs out there in graphic design and art industry, but it's what I'll continue to aim at. We should see trouble for the things we love!

Meanwhile I've suddenly received such a wonderful amount of beautiful arts, which I wanted to share among some other inspiring features. *3*


+Artrade+ Tricia by NephylaScarlet and Dimitri for Tir-Ri by Bory-EinfrostNetta and Ember by koyamoriFull of fish by Nahkampffussel
:thumb277529283::thumb263719302::thumb278151304:Ghostlike Charm by BarukuriiThe Pros and the Collar by bluealarisGame of Thrones Prince and the Hound by PhobsMias and Elle by Nafahfinding tubifex by pikaoleLisa by lexxercise

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Don't want to go outside

Journal Entry: Mon Dec 26, 2011, 3:33 AM

Thank you Zabalou for the brand new sub once again (I can continue decorate my journal with features because of it)! ^///////^

I hope everyone had a nice weekend, even you fellow Finns, who most likely are watching the very same depressing non-snowy weather outside. Not to mention the wind is blowing like nuts today and must've taken the power down from quite a number of people by now. I really love snow in the winter, so I hope we can have some here in South Finland soon! TvT

A5 commission list:

1. OceanLord
2. solfieri
3. Etzwane…
4. chibilou (Done, secret)
5. Agatha-Macpie…
6. Mamath (paid)
7. Bory-Einfrost


Tir-ri stamp by JackPot-841212 by koyamori:thumb273590648:Roofs and chimneys by Ner-TaminsCOM: Evelyne de Breuil by saniikaptaci chumel by faQyRescreatu Kayoki and Cyid by blix-itSugarless Season's Greetings by Yamino

Mature Content

+COMMISSION+ Good Morning by Nephyla
practise by thuynganSugar Mace and Liquorice Shot by snowkatt101

Grey grey grey

Fri Dec 2, 2011, 11:18 AM
No big updates really, just wanted to decorate my journal again. Looks like I'm getting the emergency commissions done one work per week at this rate and after that I can start the paintings I owe to some very lovely people. It feels very hard to wake up in this silly country, since there's nearly no daylight at all and when there's no snow either, it only makes things worse. Sun is a rare sight in Finland right now, for the sky feels always being covered by this heavy, grey cloud and it makes everything look dark and lifeless. If I was a vampire, this would be the perfect place to live till the Spring comes. =v=
Remember to eat your vitamins. <3

A5 commission list:

1. OceanLord
2. solfieri
3. Etzwane…
4. chibilou (Done)
5. Agatha-Macpie (paid)
6. Mamath (paid)
7. Bory-Einfrost (paid)


:thumb268997269:Scarlet and Dimitri by squonkhunter:thumb270176641:Riikka's little darlings by CranberryTartBunny Girl by xa-xa-xaShipcatville by MinnaSundbergZane Fairchild by bluealarisseasons greetings cats by emla:thumb264974408:Waltz Katzen Blut by BarukuriiRBC jelly by koyamoriVessel of Dreams by evelmiinaDr Belladonna by DrewGreenDon't Pout by kamicheetahForrest by sdPinkDainty Beauty by Risto-liciousFamily by ApplePoo

Edit: Ohh goodness, thank you so much everyone for commissioning and showing interest! I'm sorry I can take only so little at a time, but I know the quality of the works would start to suffer if I did too many at a time and I still owe arts to some amazing people. Thank you again! ;3;


:bulletblack: Single character portrait, decorative background
:bulletblack: Format A5 (5.83 × 8.27 inches)
:bulletblack: Price 45 euros (shipping is included to the price)


:bulletblack: All commissions are for personal usage only, not for any commercial usage!
:bulletblack: The original artwork will be shipped to you in a hard cardboard envelope.
:bulletblack: You'll see a sketch of the commission work before I start to color, in case you'd like any changes to it.
:bulletblack: Payment by paypal and in advance.
:bulletblack: The commission works will be my top priority, but since the post offices will go insane in December thanks to the holidays, some of the works I won't be able to mail till after New Year. :thanks:


:bulletblack: Pornography or anything vulgar.
:bulletblack: Gore.
:bulletblack: Anthros or furries (sorry, I really suck at drawing those).
:bulletblack: Detailed machines, mechas, cars etc.
:bulletblack: Portraits of real life people.

Other than those I'm happy to try, original characters or fanart. Don't feel shy to ask, if you're feeling uncertain. :- )


:bulletblack: Your name .
:bulletblack: Shipping address (don't forget the country!)
:bulletblack: Short, basic description of your character and if there's something specific you would like to see in the commission.
:bulletblack: References.


Isaia commission by tir-ri:thumb179565342:Surrounded by birches by tir-ri

PS. If you let me add one little hen or a rooster into the portrait, I'll do that without any extra charge. I just really like to paint them. övö


1. OceanLord
2. solfieri (paid)
3. Etzwane (paid)
4. chibilou (paid)
5. Agatha-Macpie (paid)
6. Mamath (paid)
7. Bory-Einfrost (paid)
I wanted to give a little heads up for the following week, for I'll be opening a few slots for smaller A5 commissions as soon as I get them figured out better. Sadly I somehow maganed to mess up my poor darling laptop last week and the new hard drive with the installation will cost me more than I could afford right now. :<

I promise to write the details of the commission info before the end of next week, once I get everything else taken care of. I still owe arts to some amazing people as well, especially when the holidays creep closer, but I will get back to those too as soon as I can. Thank you all for your patience! :thanks:


Scarlet and Dimitri by squonkhunterBunny Girl by xa-xa-xaShipcatville by MinnaSundbergZane Fairchild by bluealarisseasons greetings cats by emla:thumb264974408:Waltz Katzen Blut by Barukurii:thumb266127641:RBC jelly by koyamoriVessel of Dreams by evelmiinaDr Belladonna by DrewGreenDon't Pout by kamicheetah

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October treats! *o*

Fri Oct 14, 2011, 11:43 AM
Two things I can allow myself to geek out about so much, my poor heart might burst: The Walking Dead- series season 2 premiere on October 16th and Batman Arkham City game released on 18th! I don't even own a game console to play the game and still it's not making me any less excited about seeing it! Uhh, small things in life feel so good. =w=

Going to spend this weekend by working on my final commission and hopefully studying a little in between for a hygiene pass. Yikes, so excited! >w<

1. victoranomalous
2. Kassis
3. cloverfirefly
4. amybdenum
5. kakashi-karasu
6. alliartist
7. Zabalou

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Back home (almost) =v=

Tue Sep 27, 2011, 6:07 AM
I got back home last week from NY and am still trying to recover from the time difference. Suddenly those 7 hours feel rather heavy and I want to get my head back together as soon as possible. The trip was a wonderful one thanks to my darling hosts :iconbluealaris: and :iconlokelani:, who even took me to see Delaware and bluealari's hometown (and her sweet family). Thank you so much for everything, sweeties! I got to see so many things and enjoy delicious food, words can't even express. T3T *kisses*
Also ladies :iconhamletmachine: and :iconmaryannheld:, I was happy to meet you two again! I wish that brunch had lasted much longer, miss Michelle. <333

Many thanks to everyone for such kind feedback too, I'll get back to those as soon as I get my rhythm back together! Up next will be the final commission work. *puts on working gloves*

1. victoranomalous
2. Kassis
3. cloverfirefly
4. amybdenum
5. kakashi-karasu
6. alliartist
7. Zabalou (Paid)


Golden Forest by bluealaris365- Day 3 by Ke-Aithe art of walking by solardienteraining animals by koyamoriwinter magic by pepperinJungle Saints by bluealarisWhat Was Missing by basalt

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Traveling behind the seas ^v^

Tue Aug 30, 2011, 3:16 AM
Next week I finally get to see the two darling ladies bluealaris and lokelani again and get to spend some quality time with them for two whole weeks before returning back to this gloomy country! Something I've been waiting to happen since early Spring (I'm coming for you, sweeties)! :heart:

I managed to catch myself the flu last weekend, but with good luck it should pass just before I travel. My dear childhood friend is also getting married this weekend, so I should be glad I got sick about a week before that and won't look as terrible in the photos as I could. =v=; As for the commissions, there's only one left to do and I feel I need a little warm up before starting it, since I really want to make it as good as possible. I do miss painting so very much.

Stay healthy, everyone! :heart::iconlokelani::heart::iconbluealaris::heart::icontir-ri::heart:

1. victoranomalous
2. Kassis
3. cloverfirefly
4. amybdenum
5. kakashi-karasu
6. alliartist
7. Zabalou (Paid)


red scarf by maxyvertwhispers by koyamorieyes by allwayDeath of the Bounty Hunter by DrewGreen:thumb254317338:Fly By Night by ken-wongDany in some grass. by toerningZanarin and Malic by lokelaniWhisper by Ehryelwild child by SilppuriAveline by ashwaraOscura Ch 3: The Proposal by bluealaris:thumb251332284::thumb252219250:

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More darling arts

Journal Entry: Tue Aug 2, 2011, 4:54 AM

A very tired day coming along again, but nothing what a good night sleep couldn't fix. =v=

I wanted to update the features section, since I've received such wonderful arts from people just a little while ago and have found so many sources of inspiration here. Please enjoy! :heart:

1. victoranomalous
2. Kassis
3. cloverfirefly
4. amybdenum
5. kakashi-karasu
6. alliartist
7. Zabalou (Paid)


So Complain, Have No Shame by lokelaniscarlet and dmitri by cloverfirefly:thumb244052009:
Boy and girl by pikaolehemlock by jenniferhom:thumb243948453:under by koyamorilummelampi by SilppuriJinki's Forest by bluealaris:thumb107530462:crying character by Mai-eAdventure Time: Back to Black by ladyburarapeebles and marceline by marika:thumb184146219::thumb216630476:

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Almost there and about commissions

Journal Entry: Thu Jun 9, 2011, 9:54 AM

I had my final exam finally today, so should things go smoothly, I should graduate on 23th June. One big leap behind after that and so so many more huge steps still to go. =v=

For those who have been asking about commissions, I'll be most likely opening a few slots for those before the end of this month, should nothing go terribly wrong. This time I'd like to try something different than just mere character portraits,  more storybook like illustrations perhaps. I'll be posting a new journal of the prices and terms after my graduation, once I know about them a little better myself too. Enjoy the summer while it's still here! :heart:


care by klindicativeRulers of Nature and the Stars by Alicechangateway by koyamori:thumb207608572:Cowabunga by DanSchoeningResident Evil 4 by damnskippyI am sorry, Daddy by frecklefaced29great... by saniikaOscura Ch 2: Carne City Pg 19 by bluealarisGazing by pikaoleOphelia by nancy0039Tortoise and Bird by morganobrienart

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Busy busy busy

Journal Entry: Tue May 3, 2011, 1:01 AM

Less than a month left to get too many papers written, prepare a brief presentation of the thesis project and visit 4 lectures organized outside the school, which seem impossible to find. And of course write some more papers about each of those, so I'd say very very stressful times ahead still. *.*;

Lately there has been quite a few people asking about commissions, but unfortunately I truly have no time to take any of those for a while unless they'd pay really really well. The stress is just too much, so I really appreciate people's patience with me. :thanks:
I hope it's warm and sunny where ever everyone is right now, for it sure isn't in Finland. =v=

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1. How long have you been using watercolors?
I started more actively as I entered high school around 2002.

2. What kind of paper do you use?
3 different ones: Classic watercolour paper 250g/m², Bockingford watercolour paper 300g/m² and Canson's Montval watercolour paper 300g/m², which I found from a discount.

3. Paper size?
Usually A4 (8.27 x 11.69 inches) or half smaller format A5, since they're so easy to file in that size.

4. By "aquarelles" do you mean colored pencils?
No, but fine watercolors. All the watercolors I use come as button-colors (or "cakes" as some call them).

5. What's the difference between fine watercolors and thicker watercolors?
Fine ones need more water and less color to look smooth and make wonderful washes, unlike with thicker ones you need to use more color and less water for it's different opaque. The thicker watercolors I use are called "peitevärit" in Finnish, but I don't know the correct translation for them in english. My painting gear:…

6. Where did you buy the colors?
From an art-supply store, since I couldn't find fine watercolors from bookstores.

7. What brand watercolors?
Schmincke Fine Water-Colours, and Van Gogh Pocket Box Original. I don't know what the thicker ones are. I buy them separately and they don't have any labels on them.

8. How do you mix the colors?
Firstly on my fine watercolor case, but most of them on paper. I wet the selected area before adding the color and let the colors run over each other before drying with a hairdryer. That way the blend into each other much smoother.
With thicker watercolors I mix on buttons and on paper.

9. How do you stretch the paper?
Just wet it from behind with a sponge or similar before stretching it with masking tape. Very basic thing my teacher taught me back in high school, but the tape only holds smaller works.

10. How do you apply the colors?
When it comes to fine watercolors, I always work with color-layers: at first I cover almost the entire paper with chosen background colors by wetting the paper and let the colors blend into eachother (white parts are covered with masking fluid before this). After this I keep adding the color to selected surfaces, like skin, objects, leaving the darkest parts for very last. This also prevents the colors from bleeding.
Step by step:…

11. What colors do you use for the skintones?
All primary colors, keep mixing till you find the one you like and let the colors blend. I add redder tones where the circulation is stronger and colder colors for shades.

12. What kind of brushes do you use?
Plain basic ones you get from bookstores, small ones for details.

13. What do you use for line-art?
Mostly pencils.
First I draw the sketch clean on a good-quality paper by using a light-table and strenghten the lines with tiny brushes while painting. I also used to use black ink and a hairline-pen. Remember NOT to press too hard when using pencils for the lineart, or it might smudge the colors. Else you should try a colored pencil instead.

14. Do you use masking fluid?
Yes, always when working with fine watercolors. The white paper gives the work such a wonderful contrast. Never use thick layers or cover large areas with the fluid, for it can tear the paper once it's dry. Rather use small portions, don't leave it on the paper for a very long time and once dried, gently rub it away.

15. What brand masking fluid?
Talens, but seriously the brand doesn't matter for they all dry up very quickly. You just have to constantly dip the tip into the fluid while smearing it on paper and wash the tip with water when the fluid starts to pile up. Never ever use a good brush to smear the fluid, for it'll destroy the brush for good!

16. Do you use colored inks?
Yes I do sometimes, Indian ink or colored inks by FW acrylic artists ink.

17. Do you use gouache?
Maybe? The thicker watercolors I use are cakes, not tube colors. There are too many opinions about the fact are they gouache or not. 9w9

18. What kind of a scanner do you use?
Basic Canon Pixma MP150, but I use the advantaged mode when scanning (nowadays in 400dpi). Finally I adjust the tones in photoshop by using "curves", so the work on screen would look closer to the original.

19. Would you make a watercolor-tutorial?
Uuh, no, for those take forever to put together if you're not a fast user with photoshop and still need to learn how to use a camera. T_______T
Some step by step pictures can be found from my sketchblog:

20. Contests?
Sorry, but I never have that much of an interest to participate in any contests for I 'd rather spend that extra time on my own projects.

If you have more questions about the subject, do let me know and I'll add it up. C:
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